Saturday, January 7, 2012

Craft Shows

I have neglected this little ole blog the past few months. When  November hit it was all about craft shows, birthdays, Thanksgiving, more birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and now that it is all over I have been able to take a few breaths and recover from the madness.

I was able to do three craft shows in November/December. They were SO much fun  Memories from time spent with my Grandma while she did her shows came back to me. When I was little I would sit with my Grandma the whole time and scope out all the booths next to us and find something for myself. Some of my most beloved outfits came from craft shows!

Little has changed. Although I'm not the one checking out the booths next to little sidekick.

She would be with me for four plus hours and at the end she was paid for her time
she worked with me and was able to go find something she liked. A good little learning experience
for her.

Craft shows are almost just as addicting as
they were when I was little, if not more.

See my vintage crates?? My sweet little husband made those for me
one afternoon out of an old swing that had broken in our back yard!
Perfect vintage crates in my mind.

Bret recycled these from a job he did, the cut outs from french windows
and we hinged them together and backed them with chicken coop, and painted them.
They were an awesome way to hang my onesies and headbands on.

After my third show I felt like I finally had  settled in to the craft
show world.  I had a fun time and learned very quickly that
craft shows are not for the weak :)

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