Friday, September 30, 2011

Drool Bib Tutorial + Pattern

We don't deal with drool around our house but my sister's little
man is drooling. She was not able to find a package
of drool bibs, so I got busy making some.

They turned out super cute and I can't wait to see pictures
of him in his new bibs.  Maybe this will help lower the amount of outfit
changes during the day. Does the teething baby in your
family need some drool bibs?
Here is what you need

Scrap fabric
Polyurethane laminated fabric or batting
click for the bib pattern  here

I started out with a bib that I found at the thrift store since all signs of baby
at our house are in storage.

I used the bib as an outline but I shortened the bib and widened the neck a
little for those chubby babies.

 With wrong sides together
pin your pattern to your fabric and cut your bib out.

Next, grab your polyurethane laminated fabric or batting.
I used PUL because It will withstand the drool just
a little better than batting. There will be a shiny side and a dull

With the shiny side up, pin your pattern to the PUL

Cut this out

Unpin the fabrics and layer them, PUL (shiny side up),
then the patterned fabric right sides together

Pin all of those layers together and with a 1/4 inch
seam allowance sew around the bib, leaving a inch wide opening where
I am pointing.

Flip it right side out. Place a pin on the front of the bib. You want
the shiny side of your PUL to be the front side of you bib, so
it will protect against the slobber better. Now
 pin the opening where you turned. Iron
the seems.

Sew 1/4 inch seam around the bib.

Place your velcro on the ends of the bib.
I like the velcro that sticks so  it doesn't move as
much when you are sewing.

Stick the velcro on and attach.  When you sew your velcro
use white thread on top and keep your bobbin color that was used to
sew around the bib. That way you won't have dark thread showing
on your velcro.

Iron down your seams one more time.

You have a great drool bib for the teether in your life!
This bib was for a boy, so to dress them up I added a mustache to a few
of them.

Seriously the possibilities are endless, especially for a little

** is an idea for those little girl droolers in your life. The
flower is made out of felt.

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  1. I want the bib to ABSORB the slobber, so I made it from cotton front and back, and terry (to be absorbent) in the center.

    I love your pattern, but some dimensions would have helped! I'm glad you put it on the grid, so I guessed 6" wide and 4" deep for the bib.


  2. I like your bib designs, they are adorable. However, I just have a quick suggestion. Why not use the snap buttons instead of the velcro? Snap buttons are very secure and they can't be pulled off by babies.



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