Friday, September 30, 2011


My new gadget.

EEEEeeeeek! I could not be more excited to be the proud owner
of this Canon!! I have had a Cool pix camera for years now and I have finally
upgraded.  You will no longer have to look at horrible pictures in my blog posts. Woohoo!

My sweet husband did this as my birthday present, and Christmas, and
every other holiday between now and my next birthday. Ha!
He said that after the past six months of craziness he wanted me to have something
that would be just mine and make me excited.  That's right, I got a good one :)

I am itching for Friday when school is out so KK and I can have a mini
photo shoot.  She is such a good sport for her mom. 

Anyone interested in some fall/Christmas pictures, shoot me an email.
You can even go to the photography tab to check out my style of photography :)

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