Saturday, January 7, 2012

We have a six year old in the house

Six years ago we had a sweet little baby girl.
She was our surprise baby but such a blessing!

We recently celebrated her 6th birthday and of course we went all out..on a budget.
Usually I plan and pick up things here and there all through October up to her birthday, but
this year was so hectic I put everything off till the week of.  It gave me a smidge of anxiety
doing it this way but I think it turned out fabulous.

We had a small photo booth

KK's Papa was our magician. The "oooos" and "ahhhhhs' were

There were a few games around the room...

Punch a Prize--reminded me off the Price is Right. Love.
The kids LOVED this game too.

Ping Pong toss...
and Ring toss.

My favorite was the Kissing Booth. We had a huge jar full
off Hershey Kisses. Each kid guessed at how many were in the jar
and winner took them home!

As party favors
each kid was able to pick a prize with how many tickets they won.

The birthday girl had a smile on her face the whole time

You can't have a circus party without popcorn and
Cotton candy

What a celebration of life we had. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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