Saturday, November 5, 2011

Five strand headband

Lately with the cold weather my hair has been out of control with static.  A few hours after my husband gets home to see that I indeed took a shower, did my hair, and got dressed, my hair goes in a pony tail.  My bangs are at a wierd stage where they will not stay back so I searched Pinterest for a good headband tutorial. My hair gets some love and I get to use the massive amount of old t-shirts that I have :).
One of my favorite blogs Make it Love it had a tutorial for the five strand headband.  Such a cute tutorial but my overloaded brain could not make out the pictures.  It could have been the fact that I had a five year old talking the whole process but I ended up finding THIS video on you tube.  She uses hair but for some reason it just clicked! Wierd, I know.


sewing machine
hot glue gun

Start out by cutting your t-shirt into five one  inch strips.

After you cut your  five strips  you will
notice they are in a circle shape. Cut your strips one time where the fold
was in your t-shirt, to make one really long strip.

Take all five strips and put them together, sew them at one end.

After they are sewed up tape the strips to a
table .

After you have taped them pull on the strands
to where they start to curl in.

Take your far left strip..put it OVER the next closest strip
and UNDER the next strip.

Repeat with the right side, then the left, then the right, and
so on. Stop braiding when the headband will fit snugly around
your head.

When it is all braided up sew the end and cut off the remaining
t-shirt you didn't braid.  Then, sew the ends of your head band
together. Make sure the headband isn't all twisted when you sew it :)

Next, cut a
small square out of your remaining t-shirt
and fold the left and right sides in

Fold one side over and glue it.  Then fold over the other side
and glue it. I used my handy glue gun and
it has held up perfectly. 

There you have it. A nice cute and comfy handband
for those days that you need to give your hair a
little love :)


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