Friday, November 4, 2011


This Halloween was just as fun as
any other Halloween.  We started out the day with a little
Halloween party at our house.  With KK being home schooled
we didn't want to miss out on the Halloween fun!

We invited the neighbor kids and had lots of decorations and
candy.  I set up a few games for them to play but didn't expect them
to be such a hit. They loved the cake walk and
bean bag toss.

Trick-or-treating came later in the night.  We met up with
the cousins to take on the neighborhood.
We had the cutest Toy Story creature, Belle, and Batman out there!

I just love how her dress turned out.  It didn't fall apart the
first time she tried it on, which is a step up from last year :)
My sewing skills have taken a massive improvement.
The tutorial from Make-it-love it was my inspiration. In her tutorial
she made a Cinderella costume, so I adapted it to Belle and added 
tulle for some more fluff and handmade rosettes. This dress made for
one happy little girl! Even if she did wear it for a few hours it turned out  way
less expensive than a store bought one and nothing is better than when
she says "This is the best princess dress mom." Ah, she has my heart!!

Hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween!

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