Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Week was last week and I wanted to
refresh KK on fires and safety. This is a touchy subject for me.
I want KK to have knowledge of fires but not so much that she
will get paranoid about them when she goes to sleep.  We shed a few tears
when we talked  about our main focus is to get out of the house and take
nothing with you.  The whole time I'm telling her she can't take anything with her
I'm secretly thinking of a escape plan for my scrapbooks. 

Seeing how our house is 900 square feet there shouldn't be a huge fire
to where we couldn't step two feet from our room to her room and have an escape
route but you never know.

We started out with a fireman lapbook

was aimed more for preschool but it gave KK
a little refresher of fireman words and tools.

We practiced stop, drop, and roll.
She told me it hurt her sides when she rolled. I had
to explain to her that she will be on FIRE and that she will need to

We had a few pieces of birthday cake left over so we used those lovely
pieces of cake to be apart of our fire demonstration.

three candles
spray bottle with water
cookie sheet
glass jar
clay or play-do

I started of by explaining that fire needs three things that fire needs to burn

2. Air
 3. Fuel

I lit the first candle and KK used the spray bottle to
take the fire out.  This is where I explained about fire hydrants and how
fireman use their water to stop fires and their heat source. 

Next, we used our glass jar to demonstrate air.
It was a pretty nifty thing to watch the candle go out when the air supply
 was taken away.

It took a few seconds for the candle to go out. Can you imagine
that if this little tiny candle is hot  how an actual
fire would be. I couldn't stress this enough to KK. 

The third candle we demonstrated fuel.
We used the play-doh to stop the fire on the candle.
The candle went out immediately. I
also took KK to the kitchen to get her familiar with
grease fires.  She is in the kitchen with me quite a bit.
I wanted her to know if a fire starts on the stove to NOT put water
on the fire.  We practiced a few times with the pan lid. Just in case :)
and we also talked about the fire extinguisher and how to work it.

We practiced an escape route with the fire alarm too. 
She loved this part.  We practiced until it was perfect. The more
comfortable it is for her the less panic there will be in a real life
KK just soaked up all of this information.  She was thrilled to show
daddy everyday what she had learned about fires.  Hope to make
a trip to the fire station soon to complete the lesson!

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