Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini Ironing Board

Since Christmas I have been on a roll to eliminate any and everything that
I do not need in my house.  With our tiny 1000 square foot house, a chubby dog, a school,
two grown-ups and a six year old girl...It tends to get smaller everyday! When I painted our kitchen
(pictures to come soon) I stuck our very large ironing board in the garage sale pile! It was a great
ironing board but it was large and when I started crafting it would end up staying left
out in our kitchen for weeks on end while I finished crafting.  This 9 times out of 10
left me with yet another clutter collecter, bills, fabric, dishes :/ It was bad people.

I found a cute tutorial for a mini Pressing Board made out of a tv tray! Genius!
Ready to learn how to make your own?


Wood tv tray
1/2 yard cotton fabric
1/2 yard batting
1/2 yard ironing board fabric
Staple gun

With your table standing up layer batting, ironing board fabric and pattern fabric.

Now flip your tray down with fabric on a flat surface

Trim any extra fabric. You want your overhang of fabric
to be about an inch and a half from the edge of your tray.

Now we will work on the four sides of the tray and the
corners last.

Fold the edge of fabric in half an inch, then again an inch, staple. This
will leave you without any raw edges.  Make sure
your fabric is nice and tight before you staple.  Work on your two longer
sides then your two shorter sides.

After your sides are all stapled your corners will look like this

Trim off a little excess fabric on the corner, fold the point of the corner
in using the same method you used on the sides of your table. Staple

Fold the two sides in and staple

Repeat with the other three corners and you are finished! If some
of your staples are being stubborn you can use a hammer to
ease them in the rest of the way.

  And if your are
worried about there being too much heat and not enough ventilation,
you can drill holes in the top of your tray before you do anything else. 
That hasn't proved to be a problem for us ;))

Not only have I loved it but my little helper has loved it.  It's the perfect
size for when KK helps me iron my projects!

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