Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bath Detox

The past few weeks it has been sinuses vs. me.  Sinuses won. When I stay up too late, make too many commitments, or just let life take over, sinus infections wake me up and make me SLOW DOWN. The aches and pains tend to make their way in too. 

Instead of taking some kind of over the counter sinus medicine I have been turning to the natural stuff. A few weeks ago I decided to try this nifty Bath Detox I found on Pinterest.  It was fabulous! Not only did it get rid of those icky toxins in my body but I saw instant results! I slept AH-mazing and all of my aches and pains were gone. Here is the recipe that I found on Phases to Forever.

Bath Detox

2 Cups Epsom salt
2 Cups Sea salt
2 Cups aluminum free baking soda
5 Tablespoons ground ginger
1 Cup vinegar

Combine all dry ingredients in an air proof container.  At bath time pour one cup of dry ingredients and one cup of vinegar under hot running water.  Optional: Add a few drops of essential oil to bath. Soak  20-40 minutes.

This bath detox will help you feel revived the next morning and with natural goodness. The benefits?

Epsom Salt- draws out the toxins while relieving aches and pains
Sea Salt- helps heal open wounds and blemishes
Baking Soda- balances an over acidic system and leaves skin soft and refreshed
Ground Ginger- increases circulation
Vinegar- softens the skin

Enjoy your bath detox!

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