Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Story

 I love how everyone has their own story. It is proof of how wonderfully we are made and is something that I feel we all need to share.  You never know who you might encourage or touch by sharing your story.  By all means Bret and I do not have an outrageous story but we look back today and are encouraged to see where we came from and what we have done. 

The Story of Us....
We grew up in a small town and were high school sweethearts. The last few months of high school we found out we were pregnant.  This sounds cliche but I knew that we were right where we needed to be and that our precious baby was just another part of our story. 

Being a mom was one thing that I knew I always wanted to be. Today it never crosses my mind that the baby carriage came before the ring.  Shortly after we said our "i dos" we were able to buy our first house! The looks on our families faces when we showed it to them, they were priceless! Can you say "fixer upper?"  It was a little labor of love and after five years it is something we are so proud of. 

(our house today)

In 2008 we found out what our life was missing.  It wasn't a bigger house, a nicer car, or a better job.  We started going to church where we surrendered our lives to Jesus. This was a turning point in our lives and we became more eager as time passed to share the love of Jesus. 

As we started our new life the two of us decided to add more precious blessings to our family. Since we had absolutely no problems getting pregnant with our first child there was not a thought in our mind that the second child would be difficult to have.  After many months of trying we realized we were wrong. There were surgeries, vitamins, cleanses, you name it we tried favorite advice...just don't worry about it, it will happen when the time is right. Ha! 

One morning in church we had a pastor from Africa came to share about the orphanage our church had built. He said "Come to Africa." Bret and I said "Oh ya, Africa would be fun." haha.  Little did we know we were going to get our first dose of obedience.  Withing four months we had received our passports, had every shot, booked plane tickets, and fully funded our trip from our tax return, and wonderful family and friends.  This trip was a God thing from the very beginning. HE had every detail planned out. 

It was such a neat thing to see God's hand in this trip.  We were not sure why we were going but I felt I might have some sense returning home of whether we would eventually adopt.  When we came home I had such a peace about our infertility. 

A year after Africa we became pregnant again. It happened at the most random time.  Bret was in between jobs, back and forth to cities, seeing if any doors would open to another city.  To see the timing then in that moment we just knew this was it. This was our miracle baby.  Scared from a previous "chemical pregnancy" we only told close family and friends until we were able to see that heart beat.  Nine weeks along we found ourselves in worst case scenario.  We looked at the screen at the emergency room to see no heart beat. Six months later we are still left with lots of questions...all soon to be revealed I'm sure.

All of this has prepared us for a portion of our calling.  I say portion because I know there is so much out there for us to do.  Bret returned home, and began working for a local builder while taking on his calling in the youth at a new church in our town.  Then, we have been tag teaming the Kids City/Nursery.  The two of us are also homeschooling our one and only little girl KK.  Something that was put on my heart when she went to private preschool. So far it has proven to be SO rewarding, for the both of us.  I am so proud to have a supporting husband in all of this. He makes my days brighter!

We live life today for today.  Neither of us are sure where we will be going or what we will be doing but until the Lord reveals it to us we must stay faithful and obedient and all will be taken care of. 


  1. Kendra- this is an awesome testimony!! I am so proud of you!! DeeDee

  2. Proud of you! We had 2 miscarriages when Sydney was 1 1/2. We never thought it would happen to us, and after much prayer and meditation, have decided to have an only child...not out of fear or scared of another miscarriage. Lots of reasons. We love you Kendra! Your a strong woman! Sara Nickson

  3. I was very blessed by the Huey family story. I love you all...and Bret, you know you have always been one of my "sons." May God continue to bless your lives.




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