Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tinting Jars

I cannnot pass up a garage sale..It's almost like a drug. I get excited when I see one.  It's just something about the warm weather and a good deal that makes me happy.  This summer I found the most charming bottle. 

The only thing wrong with it, it just needed a little COLOR.
So, I decided to tint it. 

Jar or mason jars
food coloring
Elmers glue
paint brush

Start out with your bowl and add 1 tsp. glue and 1 tsp. water

Add your food coloring. For a darker teal color I put in two drops
of blue and one drop of green. If you want it darker just
add more food coloring.

Mix those colors up VERY well with your paint brush.
Paint the glue mixture right on to the outside of your jar.

Aside from the horrible picture, you get the point right?
When it dries it will leave almost a matte shade.
The BEST part about this other than your finished product is that
if you do not like how it turned out, you can wash it and try again!

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