Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Is In The Air

Tis the season where I have to start keeping a blanket AND a jacket in the car
at all times.  I'm the grandma who takes a blanket with her to the movies and
drinks coffee all day just to stay warm.  Aside from the colder
weather we have been getting so anxious to get our fall decorations out.
I needed a fall wreath for my front porch so my little helper and I set out
on a hunt...
The outcome. Nothing, at least nothing in our ten dollar budget.
So we came up with this.

It was so very simple to make and we didn't even hit the ten dollar mark on it.


wreath (found one at a thrift store for $2)
ribbon (sale for $2)
initial ( Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.50)
leaves, pumpkins, pinecones (we had ours already but Hobby Lobby
has them 40%off)

Start with your lovely wreath

I had to look over the dated ribbon and really look at the
wreath :)
I took all that mumbo jumbo off and then started with our letter H.

Initially I had envisioned a yellow H with white polka dots but
KK had another vision so we compromised and did black polka dots.
You would be surprised how much she gets into these projects!
After the H was painted I gave it a good clear coat to make sure the colors pop.

Arrange all of your decorations and hot glue them on. 
Doesn't it give a little chear to your porch after
all of the summer colors are gone?

Happy first day of Fall!

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