Monday, September 26, 2011

Creating While Waiting....

A few weeks ago Bret was working late and after KK was asleep I went on to do my usual blog check-ups, seeing if any of my favorites had anything new I needed to know about.  I stumbled upon the coolest blog I have seen in a long time, Creating While Waiting.  I was hooked immediately, I didn't even know there were blogs for infertility and adoption.  I read every single post that night and continue to go back.  This young couple has been struggling with infertility but have made the decision to adopt.  They were just recently approved and our now waiting to be blessed with a baby.  Ahhh, it just gets me so excited for this couple. I don't even know them but I can relate to their call to be parents and want it so badly for them.

This was written by a family member today...

Dear Friends and Family,

As most all of you know, my sister Whitney and her husband Spencer have been officially approved to adopt! I think we would all agree that they are absolutely amazing people and will be absolutely amazing parents.

Mike and I had the idea to "sponsor" a media blitz for them. Would you all be willing to help us? The idea is to use all the personal/craft/food/media blogs, facebook profiles, or any other form of social media you may have to get their names and faces out there. We will be blitzing on Monday September 26.

I know that many of you have already added Whitney and Spencer's buttons to your blogs or shared about them on FB, and we want to take that one step further - so we are asking you to please share again on one specific day. This Monday, Mike and I will be posting on our facebooks throughout the day links to Spencer and Whitney's adoption blog, profile, and FB page. We will also be writing on our blog about Whitney and Spencer. We will then in turn ask the people who see those posts to share them with people they know through facebook or blogs. We want to create a chain reaction to lead people all over the country to their adoption profile.
There's no specific time of day or number of posts that we're asking for and you can all do it in your own way. You are welcome to simply copy and paste our blog post (I will be posting Monday morning), or share our FB links. We would just love it if everyone did what they felt would be helpful.

Here is the link to Spencer and Whitney's adoption profile:

And here is the link to their adoption blog:

Please feel free to forward this email to any other people you think might be interested. Thank you for supporting them and we are excited to all work together this Monday!
Mike and Shari Satko

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