Wednesday, August 10, 2011


With kindergarten fast approaching we needed to
get KK's pictures taken.  Less than two weeks till out first day!
I feel completely blessed to be able to sit down with my
little girl on the first day of school and teach her.
Her mind is a sponge right now. It's so neat to see
her learn!

We needed a tall chair for KK to sit in during school.  Her small little legs
tend to start hurting when sitting at the table,
A few weeks back I was in my in-law's barn and spotted an old
chair.  It has been in the family awhile and I knew
it would be the perfect fit for KK's "school" chair.
Not only was it perfect for school but a super prop for pictures.

And we just HAD to throw an apple in there..

The frame? Just an old frame we painted,
then painted chalkboard paint on the glass


We had the best time taking these pictures! Thankful to sweet friends
who let us use their land to capture these 
sweet moments! If time keeps going fast, senior
pictures are just around the corner.

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