Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deer Art

When I think of deer I am reminded of a very huge deer
head that resided above my family's fire place when I was little.
We would put a santa hat on him at Christmas with a rudolf nose. Ahhh, the
memories.  Recently I found this painted deer silhouette at Under The Table And Dreaming

Something about it caught my eye. I knew right away
who this would be perfect for! My little sis married an avid
hunter and this was the perfect mix of hunter/classy. Yes,
that is possible.

quarter inch maple
1x2 pine
Silhouette of a deer
white paint
background color of your choice

Assemble your pine and quarter inch maple. It can be
as small or big as you want it. 

Now, give your board a few coats of white paint.

I had to do two coats just to get a nice good coverage.
Now, trace your deer template ( I googled deer silhuette until
I found one I liked).

KK just had to give him some eyes, oh and
pretend you have already painted your board white.

Do a few coats on the outer part of the deer. Leaving
the inside of your deer white. 

Can't you just see this on your mantle in the winter with
a fire and a cup of coffee?
Hope this is the perfect match of classy/outdoors for
the newlyweds. Congrats!!

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