Friday, July 22, 2011

Nobody told me this

That a tonsillectomy brings out the diva.  I envisioned a calm week, quiet, watching movies, and cuddling. It was the exact opposite. Day 1 of surgery she begged with a puckered lip to sing. Loud.
Day one also was full of lots of talking, moving around and we even made
some homemade pizza for dinner.
Calm, quiet week, NOT.

She was so proud of those tonsils. She has every right to be too!!
The rest of the week I was able to get her to watch mmmm, maybe
two movies. Kennedee was such a busy bee. Decided to put
all this energy to use. We knocked out all of her homeschool stuff!

Even though the week didn't quite go like expected, I was thankfull that
the surgery went well, she recovered well, took all of her medicine,
even if it did come with a diva attitude.

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