Monday, June 6, 2011

Chevron Pillow

Have you seen the chevron pattern floating around blog world? Love it. I just couldn't decide how I wanted it in my house but it needed to be somewhere!

There is this from Make Under My Life...

Or this from Adventures In Dressmaking...

LOVE this rug!!!

Since we re-did our room recently I thought it would be suiting that I
make a Chevron pillow.

Freezer Paper
1/2 yard muslin fabric:
2 15x15 pieces ---one for front and one for back
1 15x9----back
spray paint
poster board

Cut your pieces out. Hem the two back pieces
I have no pictures of this step,sorry.  There are many more
pillow covers in my future :)

Cut your poster board the same size of your pillow

Make your zigzag pattern. Each line was two inches long, then
cut your zig zag out of the poster board. Now, grab your
freezer paper and cut as many zigzags out as you want on your

I did five zigzags.  Your freezer paper zigzags will go on your front
part of your pillow. Iron the zigzags on, shiny side down.

Now the the fun part...spray paint your pillow..

Peel your freezer paper off.  
With right sides together sew your pillow up, clip the corners...

I LOVE how it turned out. Every night before we go to sleep, I find myself staring at it.
Thinking this won't be the last of the chevron in my house.
Will show pictures soon of the finished room.

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