Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This time last year...

This time last year Bret and I were in another country loving on some sweet babies.  What an amazing and life changing experience. Words can't explain the level of awesomeness that this trip brought. Not too many days go by where I don't think about Africa and the life changes it brought.

We handed out stickers, bandannas, airplanes, all sorts of fun stuff. While the kids were
in their classroom with all of their goodies, this boy said, "This is a good day".
Does not tug on your heart strings? Wow! Right there lesson one was learned.
We are selfish.
These kids were happy with a few dollar store toys, but we stress year after
year about living up to the gift giving of Christmas.

This is Bret's little man. He says "You have many muscles" :)

This little boy spoke no English but he was a rock star with hacky.
They have such small quarters where they live that they have learned alot of tricks
with the soccer ball, which gave him one up on Bret.

Love these people, love this country.
This trip was God's trip from day one. From the time our hearts opened for Africa
to tickets, financial, passports, even the plane ride home!!
God had his hand in this and we are anxious for our next trip that he has laid on
our hearts :)

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