Monday, May 23, 2011

Saving money...and the planet

I have an addiction. An addiction of saving money! I have a horrible time spending money on something that isn't on sell or something that I can't use a coupon on.  Every time I use a paper plate, water bottle, plastic utensils,  I feel so so guilty. This all led me to an incredible find one day.  Dryer sheets. They are expensive. Five bucks every few weeks.  I'm the kind that needs a new dryer sheet every load. So, after some research the problem was solved.  I still have a few of those tiny baby wash rags of Kennedee's and figured I needed to find a use for them, so I snatched up some cheaper laundry softener, poured half of the softener in a spray bottle, then added water to dilute it.

Then, I poured the softener/water in a plastic bowl. Added my rag for a few secs and then tossed it in the dryer with my wet clothes.  I do about 8 loads a week. One soak in the softener has lasted me two weeks of laundry. For each load I just wet the rag under the sink and toss it back in the dryer.  The best part about this is that it leaves your laundry smelling amazing, without the cost. 

Now what takes the place of fabric softener in the washer?  Vinegar....just add a some to your downy ball and toss it in...and no your clothes will not smell like vinegar.

Home made laundry detergent is supposed to aid with the static even more. Making a batch this week!!

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