Friday, May 6, 2011

He is Risen!

Easter was spent at my sister's house this year.  We were all excited to go
to Houston for a few days for the baby shower and were thrilled to be
able to celebrate Easter while we were there. Kennedee exclaimed, "He is Risen"
the whole week prior to Easter Sunday.

Saturday we had a busy day starting our with the baby shower.  Later that night
we took advantage of the amazing weather in Houston and Bret, KK , and
I went on the patio.  KK grabbed her Bible and we read the story of Jesus being
resurrected. When the three of us get together and read from the bible, not only
are we teaching KK but in return Bret and I are learning as well.

It blesses me to see my sweet girl learning about Jesus. We want
her to know how much Jesus loves her and want her to spread the good
news to others!!

KK had the honor of painting an Easter egg on her Aunt Amanda.
After awhile she was loving it!! This wasn't your ordinary Easter egg ;)

Easter Sunday we were anticipating the service at Calvary Church Houston.
It was an awesome service!! KK was given the chance to go to class, which she loved.
Bret and I were thrilled to hear the pastor talk and he delivered a great message.
The three of us left on fire for the Lord. Hoping our small family didn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter holiday!!

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